The following sales and delivery conditions apply, unless otherwise agreed in writing between Handskepallen APS, 33860862, and affiliated companies (Eastwest Medico Aps) and the Customer, regardless of where the Customer is domiciled and when the Customer is a trader.

All acquisitions are to be considered trade purchases. Additional conditions may apply to certain contract types. These conditions shall take precedence in the event of a deviation from the Glove Pallet's sales and delivery conditions. In the event of a discrepancy between the Glove Pallet's sales and delivery conditions and the Customer's general conditions, the Glove Pallet's sales and delivery conditions apply, unless otherwise agreed. The glove pallet is entitled to transfer its rights and obligations to a group-affiliated company.


    1.1. An order placed is only binding for Handskepallen when the Customer has received written order confirmation or upon delivery. An order is entered at the price applicable at the time of Handskepallen's order confirmation. If the order confirmation deviates from the Customer's order, the Customer must notify Gloves Pallet within 8 days. Otherwise, the order confirmation applies.

    2. PRICES

      2.1. All prices are incl. Packaging, customs for Denmark and delivery costs, but excl. transaction fee costs in connection with credit card payment, VAT and any other government charges. Transaction fee depends on order size and card type. A separate environmental handling fee is charged for deliveries on pallets. All communication is encrypted when paying by credit card and otherwise certified by PBS.

      2.2. Gantskepallen is entitled to change the prices up to and including the day of delivery in accordance with changes in exchange rates, purchase prices, customs and insurance rates or other circumstances beyond Gantskepallen's control. If Gantskepallen's costs are increased as a result of the Customer's circumstances, Gantskepallen can claim compensation for this.

      2.3. The glove pallet reserves the right for out-of-stock items and price errors.

      3. PAYMENT

      3.1. The due date occurs when ordering on the Glovespallen website, unless otherwise agreed. If the Customer's means of payment is not approved, the purchase will not be completed, and the order will not be considered accepted by Handskepallen.



      4.1. Upon return, the Customer must compensate for any loss and all costs that the glove pallet may incur.

      5. DELIVERY

      5.1. Delivery is DDP to the Customer's address

      5.2. The item is sent from the glove pallet's warehouse.

      5.3. Delivery will be made as soon as possible. For items in stock, this is within 4-8 days. If the item is not in stock, this is done with due consideration of delivery times at Handskepallen's sub-suppliers. The glove pallet is thus entitled to make successive deliveries and invoicing. The agreed delivery time is considered to have been complied with when Handskepallen has sent the delivery before the expiry date, or it is available to the Customer. If the Customer has expressed a wish for changes or a supplement to the delivery, the delivery time will be extended by the time required by the change or supplement.


      6.1. The customer is obliged to examine the delivered upon receipt. If the customer finds or should have found that the delivered product suffers from defects, the customer must immediately assert the defect. In the event of non-visible defects arising during transport, the Customer must make the defect known within 5 days of receipt. Complaints must be made in writing. If the Customer does not complain in time, the Customer loses the right to assert the deficiency. The deadline also applies to complaints about services etc

      6.2. A defect is not considered to exist if the Customer has used the delivered incorrectly, including disregarding guidelines from Glovespallen or Glovespallen's sub-suppliers, or if the Customer or a third party without Glovepallen's consent has made changes or had interventions made in the delivered.

      6.3. In the event of a justified and timely complaint, Handskepallen is, at its own discretion, entitled to redelivery or remedial action within a reasonable time. If Handskepallen makes a timely redelivery or remedy, the Customer is not entitled to cancel the agreement or demand compensation as a result of the defect. The glove pallet is entitled to make one or more remedies/re-deliveries.

      6.4. If Handskepallen finds that a product being advertised is free of defects, Handskepallen is entitled to invoice costs incurred by Handskepallen in this connection. If redelivery or remediation does not occur in time, the Customer can alone cancel the agreement or demand a proportional refusal.

      6.5. The customer can only cancel the agreement for the part of the total delivery that is delayed, including in the event of force majeure, or suffers from defects.

      6.6. Sold products are only returned after prior written return agreement with Handskepallen's sales department. The return agreement must state which products can be returned, their nature, and at what price the products are credited. The customer undertakes to enclose a copy of the return agreement in each package that is returned. Glovepallen reserves the right to return products where a return agreement is not attached. All returns are at the Customer's expense and risk.


      7.1. Gantskepallen is not responsible for indirect losses, including lost profits, goodwill, missing or unachieved economic benefits and objectives, production losses, loss of data, losses as a result of Gantskepallen's deliveries not being able to be used as intended, or losses as a result of an agreement with a third party is lost or in default. Glovepallen's liability for damages is limited to conditions that constitute gross negligence.

      7.2. Glovepallen's liability for any loss or damage is limited in terms of amount to 25% of the amount the Customer has paid for the product or service on which the claim is based, and can amount to a maximum of DKK 250,000.

      7.3. The glove pallet is not responsible for damage to property, including damage to buildings, arising as a result of a defect in the product sold. The glove pallet is also not responsible for damage to products that have been manufactured by the customer and in which the glove pallet's products are included or for products in which the customer's products are included. Handskepallen thus disclaims to the fullest extent possible and in accordance with prescriptive Danish law, product liability and liability between transactions. To the extent that the Glovepallen may be charged with product liability towards a third party, the Customer is obliged to indemnify the Glovepallen to the same extent as the Glovepallen's liability is limited.

      8. DISPUTES

      8.1. Disputes arising from these sales and delivery conditions are settled according to Danish law, except for Danish law's choice of law rules. Venue for legal proceedings brought by the Customer against Glovespallen is Glovespallen's domicile. The venue for legal proceedings brought by Glovespallen against the Customer is Glovespallen's domicile or the Customer's ordinary domicile, at Glovespallen's choice.